Catamarans International – Current Joint Ventures


Catamarans International has developed a business model based around having their Catamarans built in joint ventures in New Zealand and Internationally with those that have areas of expertise or already have existing factory and marketing capability. Specifically this could include any currently operating boat builders that may have clients looking for a superior design and/or are under some build time pressure.   

The joint venture program commenced with the contracting of Northland Contract Boatbuilders in Whangarei, New Zealand to carry out the majority of the plug and mould making work. They also produced the first five composite vessels out of the moulds. This happened between 2007 and 2010. 

It was invisaged a number of sets of mould tooling will be produced over the next few years and shipped to companies around the world for international manufacture. but unfortunately the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) hit betweem 2008 and 2010 and lasted a good while longer..

Companies entering joint ventures with Catamarans International will gain access to the latest world class, state of the art vessels that have already been produced.and have proven performance capabilities. The time frame from design to completing the moulds and then building the vessel is a major factor in getting a return on your investment. Joint ventures with Catamarans International will slash that lead time. Costs of marketing and sales material will also be shared allowing more resources to go into advertising.

Catamarans International commenced the first joint venture in February 2013. Moulds were shipped to Malaysia for the production under contract of our Pacificat design power Catamarans. The first vessel was completed, in February 2014. It is a 13.7m (45′) Flybridge model with twin Volvo engines and stern legs. There have been further vessels built including a demonstration boat which is based in Perth, Western Australia. It is an Express model powered by two 300 h.p. Suzuki four stroke outboards.

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